Changing Your Eating Habits with Alison Marsden

What we eat and when we eat makes a big difference to our mind and body. In fact when clients come to me we often end up discussing how food can help improve their health - even if it is muscular or joint related. The saying "we are what we eat" really comes to its full here. If you have a night mixing your drinks and eating late you often feel rough the next day! But what if we swing the other way - what if we ate food that is really easy to digest and re-hydrate our body then we might feel really great the next day with lots of energy and a real up lift in your spirit!


This is what people often report back after experiencing the food that I offer. I have developed this with my own experience of food intolerances and applying the Alexander Technique to changing my eating habits. Over the last 15 years I have worked with clients and developed a system to support them in changing their habits.

The courses that I offer now are: now also available on-line.  The recipes are designed to help you kick start your own body’s wisdom and eating more healthy foods with ease and inspiration.

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Here are a few quotes:

"This course really highlights how dehydrated I am"

​"Definitely have more energy & sleeping better after my first 24 hour"

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