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Supporting you through this stage is good foundation for the birth and beyond. The Alexander Technique can help you regain your effortless posture and restore your energy. Applying Yoga with the Alexander Technique during pregnancy can enhance your alignment and take you to a deep rhythmic connection to your body, preparing you for a happy birth.

Alison has trained as a Doula and can offer home support before and after the birth. She has her own family commitments so if you require a Doula during the birth then please contact the Doulas in the North West at

Alison has experienced home birth and hospital birth with her own children and a recovery of her pelvic flour and knee injury caused by intervention at child birth. Through this experience she has helped many mothers during their own child birth and beyond. Here is a quote from one mother:-

"'The Alexander Technique has helped me a great deal through three pregnancies now; making a huge improvement to PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and helping to prepare for labour".

Alison can offer individual sessions to tailor to your exact needs.  Please email or use this contact form to arrange a booking or discuss any questions.

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