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Alexander Technique and Schools

A great course, very informative and relaxing

I really enjoy the relaxing back position

The Alexander lying down position really helped my neck and shoulders

By accessing it more through school we develop more in-house opportunities

I feel as if I can stretch more and I am more aware of what is going on in my body

If I get any pain I am more aware of it and I can ease it out myself

Here are just a few benefits of making the Alexander Technique part of the school day: 

Improved ability to learn, improved quality of life, control of fear, better health, positive self-awareness and financial savings.

How Can We Incorporate the Alexander Technique into Schools?

I have taught the Alexander Technique to both teachers and children at local schools (Kirkbie Kendal School, Queen Elizabeth School, Casterton School, and Old Hutton Primary School).

Here is a quick over view of the services I can offer both for the children and teachers in and out of school time. If you would like to discuss more please do email me on or use the contact form

For the teachers


Inset training sessions after schools

Sessions after school paid for privately or funded by the school

Private Lessons

Lessons away from school (evenings/weekends)

Turns during lunch breaks

Lessons/turns after school

Funded privately or through other sources.

Groups and 1-2-1 sessions

Combination of the above, that is, group sessions whilst offering mini lessons (or turns - 15 minutes)

...and for the Children

Within school time

Sessions within school time both as a subject within itself or piggy backing on existing subjects such as PE, music, art, science etc. If the children are in reception, or year 1 then we can incorporate it into any subject very easily.

After school clubs

These sessions are driven by the children’s needs and can also involve the parents too. Promoting learning with both the children and parents encourages the continuous development outside of school. 

Hula hooping at Bendrigg 

Integrating Health Into Your Life

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