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Alexander Technique and Back Pain

your back has an anti gravity system
Other examples of anti gravity: 
tennis balls bouncing up, water spray from a waterfall, washing machines can you think of some more?

This is increasingly becoming the most common reason why people come for Alexander lessons. I myself suffered from back pain in my early 20s and it was then that I started to learn the Technique.


How it Works

One of the main principles of the technique is that your back has an anti gravity system. If we use our body with this system then we find movement becomes a buoyant, flowing and effortless experience. As you learn the technique you begin to create an internal environment that feeds health promoting movement and your old habits of collapsed, effortful movement  start to reduce.  Applying this process to your daily habits is the key.

After I cured my back pain from applying the Alexander Technique I started to apply it to other aspects of my life and improved my performance at work. Over time you 

discover that the Alexander Technique is much more than just a solution to back pain, it is life changing process.

What happens in an Alexander lesson?

Here's an example of the anti gravity effect with a hoola hoop. It does not fall as we are spinning the hoop.

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