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Alexander Technique

and Slow Flow Yoga

Guiding you to the instinct of your body and the doorway to meditation. 


Applying the practice of Alison's style of yoga can help you:

1. Mobilse your fascia (connective tissue) to help rejuvenate your mind and body
2. Improves body awareness, connecting you to your alignment and enhancing your experience of yoga
3. Deepen your breathing enabling you to receive the prana energy 
4. Improve the functioning of your primal brain with the rhythmical movements.
A sense of rhythm and connecting movements is the key to this deep release.
The Alexander Technique is more about how you think which then changes how you use your body. This is why these classes are more of a 'mind experience'. This type of practice naturally requires slower movement enabling you to have more time to think 'behind' the movement and come back into the rhythm of your breathing. Here is one comment from a client:
"Alison's classes are more complete and whole, it's not just yoga it's a mind experience"
More comments from clients
Muscles are like spindles that glide into each other to shorten and so we never have to 'tighten' a muscle.

Integrating Health Into Your Life

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