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The Detail About the Re-balancing Your Diet Course

Each week you will be doing a 24 hour re-balance (a bit like the 5-2 diet but much more depth to it). During the week you will be completing your food diary to help see your progress and identify any hurdles  Each subsequent week will provide you with more of a re-balance - taking it a step further (depending on your response). 
What's involved in the food?
The program will always start with your evening meal, so you are asleep for most of the time during your 24 hour re-balance period.
This will depend on which season you are in as it changes throughout the year. A summer course would look something like this:
The Summer course would look something like this:
Evening - fruit and vegetable drink, green leaves and vegetables
Breakfast - alkaline forming, low GI seasonal fruit and vegetable drink, potassium broth
Mid morning snack - greens leaves and vegetables
Lunch - Salad
The Autumn course would look something like this:
Evening meal - seasonal soup and optional veg nibbles 
Breakfast - seasonal stewed fruit, seasonal soup
Mid morning snack - soaked nuts/veg nibbles;
Lunch - low GI, high protein, dairy free and pulse free yogurt substitute.
Winter course would look something like this::
Evening meal - seasonal soup
Breakfast - apple and ginger drink, soup
Mid morning snack - potassium broth
Lunch - low GI, high protein, dairy, grain and pulse free protein fix.
The Spring course would look something like this:
Evening meal - light seasonal soup  
Breakfast - stewed apple with olive oil and ginger.
Mid morning snack potassium broth.
Lunch - nettle or kale soup.
This may slightly vary depending on your food diary you provide at the beginning of the course.
What's special about the recipes?
The soup and the potassium broth is the nectar. Rather than have juiced fruit or vegetables (which can often be too cooling and have a high GI)  The soup is prepared with an organic vegetable stock, made from the peelings, roots, tops and leaves which contain 80% of the nutrients of the vegetables and are often thrown away! This provides many minerals with a high potassium content and at a low price. The emphasis is to re-hydrate your body and alkalize your cells with a low GI drink. Eventually the soup is replace with just the stock (potassium broth drink). As you progress this process on your own you may be able to migrate to a 24 hour fast with just liquids as you build up the strength of your internal organs. Your individual requirements will be taken into consideration and also the time of year, small stepping stones is the key.
Why low GI?
Very low GI foods are used to avoid the sugar high and then the sugar low, reducing the hunger cravings. This also helps balance the micro flora in your digestive track. As your body gets re-hydrated people often report less hunger and more energy. We often misread hunger feelings as the need to eat, when in fact our body just needs water. This may be hard for some people to believe in the beginning, this is where you benefit from the weekly support meetings. Key point is that you learn how to go steady with your energy during your re-balance period so your body can stabilise blood sugar levels without food. For more details see the success stories
Alison has had years of re-balancing, cleansing and detoxing though various conditions and has a wealth of experience through her challenging life and working with hundreds of clients. Here is her story...
Alison  Marsden's history
Alison started her first detox in 2005 after a miscarriage, where she was hospitalized and had a blood transfusion. Upon returning home she followed a detox program that helped her recover fully without any further intervention. She also discovered her first positive experience of the after effects; more energy, better sleep, improved moods and a smoother monthly cycle. Three months later she successfully became pregnant again.
Three years later, after her second child she developed a skin condition. She used detoxing to clear this, over a few years, detoxing in the autumn, spring and summer.
It was after this condition started to clear, Alison decided to do a regular re-balance plan. Initially monthly and then weekly. She decided to do this for two reasons: not only to develop a regular plan of re-balancing her diet as a preventative routine but also her family commitments, (mother of two boys and working part time), made it too severe to detox with the routine she used previously. She thought, why not make it a gentler process but more regular? She has now sculptured a Re-balancing Diet which includes cleansing, detoxing. and self regulating.
She is now using her regular re-balancing program to help her through the menopause, relieving hot flushes, sleeping problems, bone density and balancing her blood sugar levels.
Over the years, through  her love of cooking, she has created tasty, heart warming, meals to minimise the 'denial' when re-balancing . Alison's training in the Alexander Technique provides her with the skills to help people change habits from a mind-body perspective. Combining her creative cooking and this skill to change habits, she has established a course with information and practical skills to help you change your eating routines and connect to your body's wisdom..
Success Stories
Contact Alison
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