Past Demonstrations at Kitridding

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20th March 2018    Your Spring Clean from the inside 

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Nov 22nd 2017 

Preparing for Christmas quinoa stuffing and marzipan treats

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17th October 2017 

Enjoying harvest of the summer foods, recipes for vegetables and fruits, for fermenting and freezing. Click here for the menu.

19th September 2017

Probiotic salads (Sauerkraut and other living foods)

Dairy Free Mousses 

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18th July 2017

Dips and Wedges click here for the menu

Yogurt Substitutes

​16th May 2017

The end of spring is near

Alkaline forming salads (including super coleslaw with probiotic sauerkraut) with cleansing but warming fruit drinks

18th April 2017

Now the greens are growing lets eat them

Green salads and soups with green desserts

21st March 2017 - Spring the natural time to have a clear out

Vegetable curries  to kick start a clear out for you

Desserts to cool you after the curry but continue the clear out

21st Feb 2017

Foods that feed your soul whilst helping you get some sun light from within

Vegetable bakes and fruit bakes.

Comments: "I feel satisfied but not full"

"This is better than a substitute - in fact it's better than the real thing"

17th Jan 2017

Nurturing foods that still help you detox 

Soups and desserts

20th Dec 2016

Mince Pies and Stuffing 

15th Nov 2016

Chocolate Treats with Benefits

and to compliment the treats - Savory Treats too!

Comments. The chocolate treats were based on raw chocolate soaked over night for the added ease of digestion and improved flavour.

The savory treats included kale chips, roasted pumpkin slices and pumpkin dip. We discussed soaking the chocolate in kefir to make it really easy to digest and also ensuring you get your sauerkraut with the savoury dips. 

People realised that after eating more alkaline forming foods with low Gis they did not grave such sweet food and were happy with soaked apricots, ground almonds and stewed apple. It is the soaking that makes all the difference to  flavour and ease of digestion. 

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