6-1 Rebalancing Course

at Soulands Studio, Penrith

This course helps you establish a new routine to food, providing you with a regular cleansing program for your digestive tract in order for you to build a strong immune system.
Emphasis is made on a realistic program to ensure you build up your internal cleanse gradually, just like an exercise plan.
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Dates for the Seasonal Re-Balancing Your Diet Courses at Soulands Studio 2018

The Autumn Digestive Cleanse

Fridays 10-11am

12th Oct 2018

19th Oct 2018

1 gap week

2nd Nov 2018

Remote support for following week

The Winter Re-Balance

January brings an opportunity to rebalance your diet after the indulgence of Christmas or for you to ride the wave of a new year's resolution.

January 2019 dates coming soon...

The Spring Detox

Just like the rising of the plants from deep within the earth, there is a rising within us. Use this natural wave to cleanse toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system.

March 2019 dates coming soon....

The Summer Liquid Fast 

Fridays 10-11am

June 2019 dates coming soon....

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