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Hummus Dips

We are what we eat but also how and when we eat it. Research now shows that if we stop eating after 8pm and do not eat again until 12 hours later then our whole health improves. One of the reasons for this is because our gut bacteria then gets re-balanced when we rest our digestion. It's all well and good not eating but that's the hard bit! Where are the stepping stones? Well you could eat much lighter meals and this alternative hummus dip offers just that. Instead of using chickpeas try baked sweet potatoes or butternut squash as an alternative. Also replace the tahini with ground almonds which help re-balance your body's cellular pH and is better for your gut bacteria. Exercise also gives us nutrition too. The air that we breathe can actually provide us with energy. If you are interested in more life style nutrition there are courses available with group support to help you begin this journey. For more information visit

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