About Alison Marsden


Alison trained with the  Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in Kendal, Cumbria and has been teaching since 2001. She has also trained as a Reflexologists with the Association of Reflexologists, Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals,  and specialises in Pregnancy and Childbirth qualifying as a Doula and in Eutokia. Before her training she worked in the computer industry and initially came across the Alexander Technique through back pain.

She has always had a love of movement and wanted to be a dancer as a child but suffered from digestive pain. Since her early twenties she has applied her Alexander Technique and Yoga knowledge to improving her quality of movement and running style. She now teaches people how to regain the joy of movement without the need of pain killers. She offers Running with Freedom courses to help people of all ages to start to run and improve on their style, focusing on developing sustainable running habits.

She also has a love for cycling, gardening, and cooking. Through her natural love of cooking she runs cookery demonstrations and developed a routine to help maintain her digestive health which she now teaches on her Re-balancing Your Diet Courses along with the concept of Life Style Nutrition.

With her family of two boys she has developed an interest with teaching the Alexander Technique to children both in and out of school. This type of work really inspires Alison to create fun ways of learning both for adults and children, helping people learn in an easy way, feeding their confidence and spirit.

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