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Recipes & Resources

These recipes have come about from my dreams, day dreams and client suggestions. Hope you enjoy them!


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Spiced Quinoa Muffins.jpg

Spiced Quinoa Muffins


Celery and Apple Soup

Prune and Mint Mousse

Apricot and Almond Christmas Pudding

Video - Crumble gluten, dairy and sugar free and still yummy!

Prune and Mint Mouse.jpg


Follow this link to listen to a 14 minute yoga nidra:

Yoga Nidra MP3 Format
00:00 / 13:17

Seated Salute to the Sun Flow - follow video link below:

From my years of experience of helping clients I will work with you to create a bespoke programme to enable you to alleviate your pain and find a new lease of energy.

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