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Testimonies from Classes in Yoga with the Alexander Technique

Linda - attended weekly yoga class for one year

I work in hospitality, long hours and always busy, never seeming to have time for me.

I saw Alison’s poster for Yoga in the Park and went along for a few weeks before work, enjoyed the class however difficult to commit every week, Alison suggested her other class on a Thursday, which is my day off each week, I really enjoy the class and have been every week since joining. 

I have been recently undergoing dental treatment and I am able to use techniques learnt in Alison’s class to relax and transport myself to another place, and have treatment without any stress which I used to always have at the dentist.

Alison suggested the Tuesday online stillness class, I have not been able to do this until very recently, I find as soon as I hear Alison’s voice I very quickly relax

I can’t recommend her classes enough, I feel so much better in my self, and glad I made the time for me. 


Linda Nunn

Vanessa From Northumberland - attended Seated Yoga Class

"I am a musician living in rural West Northumberland. As for so very many others, the past two years have been difficult for me because of Covid and Brexit. No work in the UK or our regular winter gigs in Spain impacted badly on my mental health. This was furthered by the death of my mother in 2021 and four different cancer investigations that were a worry until the end of that year. 

Although I've done yoga for some years now I'd never done seated yoga and was interested to see what it was like. It was much slower, more thoughtful, much easier and much more relaxing. The meditation at the end was really good and I found the whole session enjoyable and calming. I had the option of  doing the exercises standing up which is my preference. All gain and no pain... thank you Alison!"

Yvonne self employed publishers

"I never thought yoga could be this good. I thought I could not do yoga as I am so stiff but it is not about stretching, it's in the mind."

Sheila who has been attending classes for a few years:

"When I first joined Alison’s class I was struggling with pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis.  My energy levels and my mood were low.

With Alison’s support and encouragement I now feel much more flexible, energised and better able to enjoy day to day life.  There are times when I feel attending class is an effort, but I leave feeling rested, restored and calm."

Susan a 54 year old married woman living in Kendal:

"We have four children. I work in Mental Health and Special Educational Needs.

My husband has terminal cancer so I was looking for an exercise to both give me respite and strength particularly during Covid 19. I was becoming stressed, rushing through the day and not taking the time to STRETCH and BREATHE. When I did have time to exercise I concentrated on cardio vascular, regarding this as the best use of my time.

I look forward to the classes very much. Particularly as they take place outside, whatever the weather. It feels peaceful and enriching and always sets the tone for the day. I wish there were two classes or more each week!"

Eileen, who downsized house during the pandemic and now lives in the centre of Kendal:

"Joining Alison's wonderful open air classes, with some low temperatures and a bit of rain (ankle wellies worked) but dressed for the weather was definitely the right decision and such a stress reliever. 

I knew my body needed some moderate exercise to help reduce stiffness in my 70 year old joints and I needed to take some positive action to improve my mental health and maintain my sanity during the difficult times. It worked, and each week I looked forward to that feeling of freedom of being outdoors exercising.

Alison has in depth knowledge of whole body health and adapted or modified some of the exercises to suit anyone's movement limitations which was very encouraging.

The exercise forms we are learning by repeating and building on (surprisingly I did eventually find I was in harmony with the others.) I'm sure it's doing wonders for my brain cells too! 

Thanks Alison."

Jane and lives in the Kirkby Lonsdale/Kendal:

"I first came into contact with Alison when she was running a ‘taster’ Alexander Technique course of a few weeks duration in Kirkby Lonsdale. I was particularly interested as she mentioned two things, back pain and using the voice: I do a lot of singing so was intrigued. I thoroughly enjoyed this ‘taster’ and felt benefit in my back from the lengthening I felt in my spine. Subsequently, have been to many of her classes, but I think the one I have enjoyed and had most benefit from, has been ‘outside’ yoga.


With her calm, assured instruction and her gentle manner, Alison guides us through a series of warm-ups, leading and talking us into various poses to stretch, strengthen and improve posture. For me, the advantage of doing the sequences outside, in all weather, is the joy it gives: if it’s sunny the feelings of well-being are more understandable, but being in the elements which are less likely to be embraced, the wind, rain and snow is so invigorating! I love it!


Although the more obvious benefit is physical, I feel that my spiritual and emotional health is also improved. Walking home after a class, I feel calm but energised, as well as inches taller and more upright. I feel motivated to practice at home now. I’ve never practiced between classes consistently before but Alison motivates me to want to, and I’m almost certain the extra dimension of the weather helps...and because I’m practicing often, my mood is more consistent."

Gill from Bentham:

"I had sciatica last winter and I've been coming to Alison's classes for the last 11 months which has really helped. I am no longer getting any discomfort in my back or legs. I feel much better."

Macarena - currently a runner with knee condition:

"I had my first Yoga on the Run session with Alison, I learned so much in just this one hour! I’m already feeling completely different in my body."

Julia from Burton -in-Lonsdale:

"After the class I now feel at least 6 inches taller, straighter and so much lighter than when I arrived."

Fiona - shop assistant from Ingleton​:

"I always feel on top of the world after Alison's classes."

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