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Success Stories With Food

Andrea who lives in Leicestershire

I was introduced to Alison via my Osteopath and have worked with Alison on improving my health by signing up to her Kick Start Programme. I was feeling rather meh when I first started with Alison. I have always had digestive issues since a child and have tried everything including gallbladder removal, all to no avail. I also suffer from arthritis in both of my knees and have had MRI's to confirm I eventually will need two new knees.

Fast forward to now, I feel so much better, most of my digestive issues have settled down, I have learned that some foods are not for me by using the 24 hr rebalance which has had huge benefits. I have more energy and feel rather good now.  My knees are not as painful as I believe I now have less inflammation
in my body.


I have learned so many things about myself and how to help my body and mind deal with LIFE.  At first I thought it was all a little overwhelming but it is a journey and slowly with Alison's continual help I could see and feel the benefits of the programme. I have even lost some weight which is a bonus. Along the way I learnt breathing techniques, I put aside short bits of time in the day so I could practise these things, I did 30 minute Stillness Classes and also I worked on doing my Nidra Yoga (this for me was perfect)


I even managed an MRI Scan (admittedly my head remained outside the machine) but I did it and this I believe is down to the techniques I have learnt along the way. Being claustrophobic this was a huge achievement as previously I have never managed to do this!!


I now do the various things I have been taught without even thinking about it, it has just become a way of life, it's like when you learn to drive everything seems just so difficult and complicated but once you learn it becomes very natural.


My health has benefitted so much by using all the tools Alison has given me and I hope others who join Alison will enjoy the journey and benefit greatly from her help. Thank you Alison.

Zena - running her own business in holiday accommodation.

I wasn't initially looking for specific intervention in relation to improved diet. At the time, my perception was that as a family we have always eaten well - making meals from raw ingredients and using lots of healthy things like ginger and garlic. I came to Alison because I was seeking to reinstate my Yoga practice. However, after listening to Alison's insights about my long term goals of improved health, mobility and psychological wellbeing (all important as I work independently and also wish to make the most of my older age) I realised that actually, a more holistic approach was going to be beneficial in the long term and with permanence. So I did take Alison's guidance and have embarked on her programme of diet along with Yoga. My energy has increased and I feel a lightness in my body. I no longer want to eat heavy meals such as red meat and my sleeping pattern has improved.


It was about self worth and I was able to feed myself with nourishing food that gave me more respect for my body. Even my husband wants to do it with me now.

Linda fit & active 68 year old from Kendal:

I met Alison, by chance, whilst studying her yoga poster and we started talking when she introduced herself.

I had suffered from IBS since my 30s which developed into diverticulitis in my 60s, (my mother died of complications from this condition).

In 2021 I had an 8 day stay in hospital due to a perforated bowel and subsequent frequent flare-ups with the worry of repeat hospitalisations.  So in January 2023 the timing was just right to follow Alison's Re-balancing Plan, to help eliminate another hospital admission and because I had been mulling it over ever since we  met.

Right from the start I noticed I was physically much more comfortable and as I started working my way through the programme, I felt more energetic, I was pain free, I felt able to make some long-term travel plans and the worry for my future was gone.


I could not have made the transition without the guidance from Alison, I thought I was a healthy eater, but I have learnt so much and I am still learning.  Following the plan has changed my life and my future in such a great way.

Andrea suffering from abdominal pain and excess weight:

"My name is Andrea and I live in a Leicestershire village with my husband.  

I was introduced to Alison via my Osteopath.  I am at an age where I felt like I was beginning to fall apart.  Slowly the menopause was taking over my life, weight gain. joint and digestive issues being a huge  problem.  

After an initial consultation I decided to sign up and join one of Alison's Rebalance Programmes.  There are lots of different parts to a Rebalance and I am slowly working through things with Alison.  One thing which has helped me immensely are the Stillness Classes.  I cannot believe how much my sleep has improved and I have used certain tools which I have been given to help me have an MRI scan on my arthritic knee.  

I am claustrophobic and last week I managed to complete an MRI scan on my knee.  Admittedly I was able to keep my head out of the scanner.  I used my breathing techniques and stillness to enable me not to panic and jump out of the scanner.  This feels like such an achievement as previously I have travelled miles to have a scan (where they had an open scanner).  

My digestion has also started to improve.  I still have a long way to go but I feel these little steps are building blocks for the rest of my life.  If you need any help please think about contacting Alison as she is very approachable and friendly and her methods work.  Thank you Alison.
This is after Andrea's fourth session."

Toni who was suffering from menopausal symptoms and bloating:

"This rebalance programme has helped me clear the brain fog I was experiencing, it's also given me so much more energy and vitality, I feel great!

Menopause symptoms have reduce and I now know which foods/drinks trigger them. I've learnt which foods cause me to bloat and what some of the alternatives are.  An added bonus is that I have lost some weight too!

My body is functioning much more efficiently. The 'Stillness' classes and Yoga Nidra really help me to get in touch with my body and I find them very nurturing.

All in all a fabulous program. Alison is so knowledgeable, helpful, professional and friendly. Thank you so much Alison"

Cathy aged 61 and lives in Twickenham, Greater London:

"I first found out about Alison through a very close school friend who lived in the Lake District and has a studio where Alison practices.


I have a relatively demanding job, as EA to the Corporate Services Director of a large Housing Association.


I was finding that I was putting on weight, despite walking my young Jack Russell dog twice a day.  I would say that as a family we eat very healthily, our meals are 99.9% made from scratch and tend to be of a nutritious nature.  Although I did not like to think I was stressed, I think inwardly I was, due to my work schedule.


I knew my downfall was ’sweet’ things and would regularly reach for the biscuit tin, especially in the afternoon or evenings, and once started found it difficult to stop my cravings.


I decided to do something about it and got in touch with Alison.


Alison managed to tap into me and show me where I was going wrong.  With the help of her food diaries and relaxation techniques to use in times of temptation, I was able to manage my  sugar cravings and know when to stop the symptoms taking hold. In the six months I was with Alison I managed to lose over half a stone.


Alison was very flexible with me, I wasn’t always available at the time we had arranged, and indeed continued to keep in contact after our sessions had ended as she was was wanting to make sure that I was still keeping up my good work.


I would highly recommend Alison."

Lesley who had a series of Alexander Technique lessons and completed the Rebalance Your Diet Programme:

"I live and work in Cumbria and.prior to being introduced to Alison I suffered periodically with stomach cramps.which on occasion were quite debilitating. Whilst they were present.they stopped me from carrying out day to day duties,.not only were they obviously painful but I became very stressed and anxious because of worrying about how I would manage to work and take care of my family. I also had extensive hip and, at times, lower back pain.which was all becoming difficult to manage, it was an added extra, I didn't know  at the time I was fighting two things.and found it all too much to cope with until I met Alison


Alison guided me through the programme,of which the Alexander Technique was introduced.and with her advice and knowledge I now feel that I have come through those issues and am once again on the other side of it all and feeling well and positive."

Maggie after a 6 week program and also receiving regular Reflexology:

"I thought I ate healthily before I started, so probably wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t thought it was a good idea and you found from my feet that my pancreas was showing up as not clear.

It was all rather overwhelming at first and a lot to take on board, but once I’d done a few weeks of the rebalance days I got the hang of it and didn’t have to think too much about it as I had the right ingredients to hand and remembered to prepare things such as the stock. Now it feels good to have a clean out once a week. And  I’ve lost weight which is a bonus, not that I was really overweight before, but I have felt for some time that I’d like to lose half a stone. In fact I’ve lost a stone! 

Thank you Alison. You have made me rethink my diet and the acid, alkaline issue. Best wishes Maggie."

Karen after her second re-balance day:

"I don’t feel as if food is ruling me so much and slowly I’m making better choices."

Phil after three sessions of the re-balance program:

"Since starting the course I have noticed that my stomach no longer feels bloated and uncomfortable after eating meals, which is good and is why I want to continue with the routine. 

I am continuing to drink more water throughout the day and eating only when I feel hungry. Thank you for your help and am glad this was something I tried."

Annabel – after 4 sessions over 3 months:

"Alison has helped me after a year of stress and bereavement, to be able to take control of my diet and given advice on my life style. She has helped with breathing exercises and learning to take time to adjust my daily life. I now feel much more energised and in control of my feelings and my family have noticed I am nearly back to my normal self."

Mary - female aged 59:

"For about a year before I 'found' Alison I'd already been looking at my 'diet' meaning the food I ate and what impact this was having on my body and its systems. Tests via the NHS proved there was nothing medically wrong but I was still feeling 'sluggish' and the skin on my hands had rashes and my complexion just didn't look 'bright'. I also struggled to lose weight.

I've now completed a detox through Alison and attend the monthly cookery demonstrations. Alison's knowledge about everything to do with food & drink and their effects on the body's systems is extensive - you feel you are 'in safe hands' - dealing with someone who knows their stuff and advises what is best for your own needs. I've now altered what I eat/drink and when I eat/drink. This has made me more aware of eating at different times of the day and what types of foods to eat together.  

I've seen the improvements this has made to how I look & feel (the eczema type rashes on my hands have gone, my complexion looks brighter and I feel less bloated). Whilst weight loss wasn't my main aim  I've actually lost a stone in weight over the last year of changing my diet. With Alison's help over this last few months, changing to better suited foods has helped me recognise how my body feels when I eat something."

Fiona - therapist - kick starting her routine again in Spring after attending a re-balance program 3 years ago:

"I definitely felt more energised and motivated (after my re-balance day). I put it down to the equinox and Spring/Aires energy but it will have been the combination of the rebalancing at that significant time. I have also been more focused on specific projects I need to complete.

It also achieved what I wanted - to bring my diet back to a healthier alkaline-forming one. So yes, I intend to be more conscious all the time of what I eat and drink and to have a frequent rebalancing 24 hours but it may not be strictly once a week."

Steve – retired:

"I have done detoxing in the past but I was never able to stick to it. After going on Alison’s detox course I am now able to fast once a week. People say I look younger and have lost weight. I eat a lot less (even chocolate!) and I do not get hungry."

Patricia – Ingleton:

"I have always wanted to do a detox but it never felt right but after meeting Alison I finally decided to have a go. I lost 1 stone gradually over 6 months and feel a lot better with more energy."

Helen - Mother of 3 with big food cravings:

"What I liked about the detox kit was there were lots of pots for me. I didn't have to think about any food preparation. I felt calmer, clearer inside and lighter afterwards. At lunch time I did not feel like any protein. In fact I did not eat much until the evening, I was not as hungry as I expected even though Alison said this I did not believe her! I thought I was going to shove lots of food down me but I was not bothered about food. I felt as if I was taken care of during the detox. I want to do it once a week now. Even if I was useless at eating well during the week at least I know one day a week I can eat this food which makes me feel clearer inside.

2 weeks later…

I feel as if I need to do this detox once a week as it satisfies my yoyo character, but I have found that I am eating better even during the rest of the week. I do not feel I have to eat the food that is not good for me. I am surprised by this as I thought I would feel as if I could eat what ever I liked, but I just don't feel like eating the baddies."

Sarah – Kirkby Lonsdale:

"I have always thought detoxing sounds good in theory but never got round to it. Before the course I hardly drank any water and wanted to avoid gluten but found it too hard. 6 months after Alison’s detox course I am still able to adhere to my new diet free of gluten, sugar and dairy. I also still drink 6 cups of water daily."

Gill - Therapist with Menopausal Symptoms - April 2016:

"I originally came to see Alison as I was suffering with hot flushes and heavy periods with mood swings and low energy. After following Alison’s regular detox plan for 4 weeks I found the excessive bleeding has gone and there is no discomfort. My energy levels are back up and I am sleeping a lot better. Even my partner noticed! If I slip back into my old habits I first notice my energy levels drop and I do not sleep so well. I then know I need to get back into the 24 hour detox. This helps me eat better for the rest of the week. I have virtually cut out wheat now and if I do find I have eaten some I really notice how it causes my energy levels to drop."

Hilary - mother of 3 and self employed:

"When I first contacted Alison I was really worried about the eating pattern I was in. I was addicted to sugar and eating vast amounts of chocolate, cakes and biscuits each day. I would eat a family bar of chocolate no problem.

I was eating too much carbohydrates and I didn’t seem to be able to stop. I had gradually put on a lot of weight and I had stopped exercising. My clothes didn’t fit and I felt bad. I wasn’t sleeping well and drinking very little and my skin was dry and dull. It’s only after working with Alison that I can look back and see what a bad position I was in. I was seriously compromising my health and needed some support.

My husband and I started on Alison's detox program. She bought us food each week to eat for the 24 hour detox that made it so much easier and we had a good review session each week after the detox.

It wasn't easy to begin with. I felt under the weather and had tremendous headaches but Alison was always available to talk you through the bad times and help you see those bad symptoms were actually showing you that you were doing the right thing. The headaches stopped after 3 weeks. It is now 3 months since we first started. I drink 2 litres of water a day, my appetite has reduced and I no longer crave a sugar fix. I don't buy any chocolate or biscuits or cakes. My skin has improved, people keep telling me how well I look, I sleep better, I have more energy and I have lost 11lbs.

Mainly though I firmly believe I have avoided a serious break down in my health.

Thank you Alison"

Kim - restarting her re-balancing period over the spring:

"Since my March Equinox detox, I have continued your advice to eat protein meals for breakfast and lunch and carbohydrates in the evening. The benefits I have experienced as a consequence is that I no longer cough when I eat - something I have tried to resolve for several years and now realise it happens when I combine protein and carbs in one meal.

There have been occasions over the last few weeks when I have had “mixed” foods and immediately the cough happened. 

Another benefit is that my mild heartburn after eating some meals/foods has also resolved. Also I am sleeping better and don’t feel so sluggish in the morning."

All these people improved their health with this re-balancing your diet course

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