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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a mind body process that helps you change habits either postural or mental. It is taught with verbal guidance and hands on contact and is like nothing else you have learnt! You are really unlearning and most people find it very therapeutic! You could compare it to learning how to ride a bike or play an instrument, but the instrument is yourself! Not something that you can read about really, best thing is to get a direct experience. 
It is often taught on a one to one basis but introductory workshops are also available.  I teach in the Cumbria and Lancashire area and also online.
I have taught at primary and secondary schools to both teachers and children and feel this is a key area for preventing health issues in the future. Here is a comment from a 6th former who spent a weeks work experience at an Alexander Training School in London:

"As a student myself I think that teaching the Alexander Technique at schools would, not only solve the problem of students developing chronic back pain, but how it could help to decrease the anxiety in students ,which is increasing in children at a young age. Acting on these issues now could prevent future health issues."

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The Alexander Technique is taught world wide. A full listing of UK teachers can bee seen at

What is Involved in an AT Lesson

Integrating Health ~ Into Your Life

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