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Reflexology Therapy

Alison practices Reflexology Therapy in Kendal, Penrith and also offers home visits. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to enjoy and is a great stepping stone to becoming empowered to be part of your own recovery back to vibrant health.

Alison trained with the Association of Reflexologists in 1998 and offers Reflexology Therapy as her treatment which includes her experience of Yoga and Alexander Technique practice..


Here is one review from a client:

Ali - Fell Runner and Therapist from Sedbergh

I’ve been having Reflexology sessions with Alison for about 6 months and I’m so glad we got together to swap our respective healing processes.


Many years ago I trained in Reiki, Energetic NLP, massage, KCR, the Body Code and I even learned the basics of Reflexology; so I’m well used to giving and receiving treatments and energy healing.
As a fell runner and all-round mountain person, I’ve always kept fit and I’ve mostly been able to sort out any niggles myself, so when I started receiving Reflexology from Alison, I was amazed at the effect it had on me. Beforehand, I wasn’t aware that anything was wrong or needing attention but the first couple of sessions revealed a lot of imbalance and stagnation in my ears and eyes. I was very light headed and ‘out of it’ for several hours afterwards so a lot of readjusting had taken place.
Having only learned the mechanics of Reflexology myself, I’ve been amazed at the level of mastery Alison is bringing to her sessions.

From the start, lying in her super-comfortable chair, she brings about complete relaxation through her confident and calm manner. She has great knowledge of the different methods and expertly works through the body’s systems. I believe what sets her apart from other practitioners is that she brings such intention and healing energy to her practice, so that the ouch parts of the treatment are exquisite. I hadn’t known that reflexology could be so pleasurable and uplifting as well as healing. 

To book your session contact Alison here.

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