Terms and Conditions


Bookings and Cancellation

All advance payments for courses and workshops are to secure your place. If you are unable to attend at short notice the payment is non-refundable but I will do my best to offer a transfer option if possible. For cancellations of 7 or more days, before the date of the course/workshop, then 90% of your payment  will be refunded.

Private Sessions

Please note, your time has been reserved specifically for you.
Kindly give a minimum 24 hour cancellation notice if you are unable to keep your appointment, so that the time may be made available for someone else.
Last minute cancellations and no shows will be will be charged, at discretion, the full fee.

If you are unable to come to a class or private session and wish to cancel at short notice (less that 24 hours) then please call or text my mobile 07929 151 240. I do not get email or Facebook messages on my mobile so please avoid using these methods of communication with less than 24 hours notice. Thank you for your cooperation.


The information that I offer here is not replacing the advice of a doctor or other health care professional. It is vital that before beginning any exercise program including having Alexander Technique lessons, classes or workshops that you receive clearance and guidance from your doctor or other appropriate health professional.

The decision to follow any information in this web site or literature that I send to you is at the sole discretion of the reader, who does so of their own free will and assumes full responsibility for any or all consequences arising from such a decision. The author is not responsible for any specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision and is not liable for any loss, damages, or negative consequences that might arise directly or indirectly from the use, application or interpretation of the material in the web site or literature supplied.

Re-Balancing Your Diet

 I am not a doctor, nutritionist or functional medicine practitioner but have worked closely with Herbalists during my own personal experience and developed a regular routine with simple foods which worked at resetting my digestion. No one has paid me to say any of this and there are no affiliate links in this website.


I have been using this program for several years, working with clients with health issues who gave positive feed back. This program is now a synthesis of the Alexander Technique and foods with particular emphasis on the bio dynamics of your body with your external environment. 

Integrating Health Into Your Life

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