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Are you feeling you are losing your flexibility?

Alison Marsden and Budda at Soulands  Studio - Integrating Health

Can you not run up the stairs like you use to?

Are you having difficulties bending when gardening?

Or are you losing your balance more easily?

I have help hundreds of people in these situations since 2001 and this is what they say:

Lewis the gardener who had a diagnosed prolapsed disc, after 10 lessons on video link:

"I use the techniques everyday to make my home and working life so much easier and sustainable. As an ageing gardener I am more aware of my body and the need to do things in a way that will prolong my career, it is a new tool in my van!!"

From my years of experience of helping clients I will work with you to create a bespoke programme to enable you to alleviate your pain and find a new lease of energy.

Contact me to book a free initial chat on the phone

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