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Spirals and Springs

Our bodies are made of spirals and from these spirals we create springs. If we move the way our body grows then we are riding a force of natural energy. This spiral starts in our thoracic spine. This is why our arms can swing so easily. I call this the inner movement of running (or the inner movement of walking).

Without this freedom in your thoracic spine movement becomes tiring. Once this freedom is created then running & walking feels rhythmical and recycles your energy with the pendulum effect.


From the spirals,

springs are created enhancing the anti gravity effect of your body. As our body is made up of spirals and springs, if you let go to gravity you spring back up – just like a tennis ball does when you throw it to the ground. Running on concrete becomes possible if you encompass these principles. Collapsing into gravity creates a completely different experience! This course can help you get more skillful at letting go into gravity and springing back up.

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