Slow Flow Yoga with the Alexander Technique

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Yoga in the Park with Alison Marsden

Fletcher Park, Kendal, Cumbria LA9  7DJ

Wednesdays 9.15am-10.00am  weekly.

Slow Flow Yoga is accessible for a range of abilities so  everyone is welcome. 

We will be starting with an energising warm up leading into slow flowing gi gong style movements which guide our body into yoga poses effortlessly. This will be interlaced with energising movements to keep us warm where appropriate.

Cost £7.50 pay as you go or £37.00 for the block of 6 sessions. The class will be on rain or shine. Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather on the day. No need to bring mats in the winter as all the poses are in standing. Summer time please bring along yoga mats for sitting and lying down poses.

Payment can be made by bank transfer,  credit card,  Paypal  or cash. Please register by emailing or use this contact form

Private sessions also available in person or on-line via video link. Please phone or email to discuss your individual requirements.

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This is a live recording of a lady's experience of this class  who suffered from knee and joint pain.

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Here is another person's experience of the class:

I have been to many of Alison's classes, but I think the one I have enjoyed and had most benefit from, has been ‘outside’ yoga.


With her calm, assured instruction and her gentle manner, Alison guides us through a series of warm-ups, leading and talking us into various poses to stretch, strengthen and improve posture. For me, the advantage of doing the sequences outside, in all weather, is the joy it gives: if it’s sunny the feelings of well-being are more understandable, but being in the elements which are less likely to be embraced, the wind, rain and snow is so invigorating! I love it!


Although the more obvious benefit is physical, I feel that my spiritual and emotional health is also improved. Walking home after a class, I feel calm but energised, as well as inches taller and more upright. I feel motivated to practice at home now. I’ve never practiced between classes consistently before but Alison motivates me to want to, and I’m almost certain the extra dimension of the weather helps...and because I’m practicing often, my mood is more consistent.