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Running & Walking

Running and walking is becoming very popular with its accessibility and enjoyment of the outside. However so many people run or walk without awareness of body alignment and buoyancy in their joints which could utilise gravity much more constructively and so minimise injury.

These courses cover the following aspects to help improve your form and enjoyment of running & walking:

  1. Mindfulness - it’s the best way to run and walk

  2. Pendulums - Kicking your heels and swinging your elbows

  3. Anti Gravity Effect – avoiding injury and enjoying the ease of running

  4. Centre of Gravity (shoulders over hips) – it’s less effort

  5. Landing Technique when running – to spring you backup

  6. Expansive Breathing – to give you that oxygen you need to run

  7. Spirals and Springs – the last part of the jigsaw

Practicing these whilst you run and walk is the key to improving your form and enjoyment of this exercise. Get in touch to book your free 15 minute consultation

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