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Cook Along with Alison Marsden

​This online Cook Along Session with Alison Marsden is on Tuesday  1.00pm-2.00pm 12th March 2024. Vegan and gluten free recipes which are plant based and minimise washing up.


We will be choosing a recipe (ot two) from the recipe book Eat to Feel Great or The Jigsaw Method. Any requests please do email me. I will let you know in advance what we are cooking so if you wanted to cook along with me you can get prepared with the ingredients and any food preparation. Or you can watch live and then cook along with the recording later.

This includes two free ebooks on Eat to Feel Great Recipes and the Jigsaw Method  valued at £17.95. If you are unable to attend the live session then you will be emailed the link to watch at a later time. Cost £25 includes the video recording of the session along with the ebooks too.


Alison has been offering cookery demonstrations for many years. She shows you how you can make things much more easily with less washing up! And along the way she passes on her experience with working with hundreds of clients helping them get relief from pain by rebalancing their diet. View her clients testimonies here.

To book your please 
 email or use this contact form.

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