Rebalancing Your Diet  
Courses are currently held one to one on line via Zoom video link. the whole package includes:
1. Eight weekly sessions of 50 minutes guiding you through the process and offering support throughout the eight weeks.
2. Identifying any unique hurdles or requirements for you to  continue with your purpose and progress. 
3. Your Re-balance Your Diet  ebook (in pdf file format) giving you step by step guidance and recipes.
4. Your 3 audio recordings  (in MP4 format) helping your though the hurdles, storms and reprogram any unhelpful subconscious habits.
5. At the end of the course your second ebook (in pdf format) offers you new ideas for recipes for all the seasons. 
Bookings are by email to Payment is by bank transfer, credit card  or Paypal.
Once you have booked your place you will be sent your registration details which help tailor the course to your specific needs. 
Food kits not available with on-line courses.
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