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More About the Re-balancing Course

This uniquely designed course features a weekly support with easy steps to follow your bio-dynamic program. Great tasting recipes are provided for you on your course so you can get your health back again without feeling deprived!

This course offers you:

  • Inside information on the amazing properties of food to help you get back your health.

  • Experience re-balancing your diet with minimum effort and maximum benefit for you

  • Wisdom on how to maintain a healthy balance of detoxing and re-toxing

We will achieve this by:-

  • Unique recipes to follow for 24 hours once a week 

  • Support and guidance through the process of the 3 pillars to health. 

  • Weekly food diaries over a period of 3 days to give feed back on your progress and hurdles.

  • Your Re-Balance Your Diet ebook (in pdf format) to use through the course giving you recipes, structure and a reference during and after the course.

  • Your three audio recordings (in MP4 format) for you to help you through the hurdles, storms and re-program any subconscious habits.

  • Your second ebook (in pdf format) to help you create new ideas for meals through all the seasons.

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Integrating Health ~ Into Your Life

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