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Re-Balancing Your Diet for Spring

Spring a rising from deep within

Spring is when there is a rising after the withdrawal of winter. Sap starts to rise up trees, shoots start to appear from underground, nature is emerging from the earth. This also happens within us on a cellular level. As our body starts mobilising from deep within us this brings with it an opportunity for our body to eliminate deeply stored toxins. Use this wave of energy to your advantage and start a regular detox routine for the spring months. It is best to start simple, something that you can easily maintain. Remember your body best responds to a regular pattern rather than a one off short term fix. You can approach it with micro steps if you feel overwhelmed. This helps gain confidence and gradual progress is always the best way. This will vary depending on your current lifestyle and health. It could mean a tongue brush first thing in the morning then a glass of warm water instead of a coffee. Or it could mean substituting your evening meal with a thin soup. And you can start with just once a week. For more details on courses (with optional food kits) to help you re-balance your diet for spring see

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