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Slowing Down for Christmas

We are approaching the time of year when nature is slowing down and retreating and yet we seem to be increasing the pace and are now finding Christmas one of the busiest times of the year! Allow yourself the time and space to really nurture yourself. Make yourself aware that you have choices and you can take responsibility rather than feeling guilty. Moving from the feelings of guilt to responsibility empowers you to be who you really want to be, rather that someone who you think someone else wants you to be. If you would like to put some time aside to practice this then you can come along to one of the "Nurture Your Soul" half day courses designed just for you. (Click here to see the latest course). These choices are not just about how you move and think but also the choices you make about the food you eat. This can be particularly to your benefit over these winter months. These courses also include an optional lunch where you get chance to taste some heart warming foods providing you with a health promoting meal. Contact me if you would like to arrange something privately or would be interested in purchasing some Christmas gift vouchers.

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