Your stomach does not work like a washing machine.

Your stomach does not work like a washing machine. But just like you separate colours from whites (hopefully), it might be a good idea to separate proteins from carbohydrates. Do you get a bloated feeling after a meal and have low energy after eating? This could be because your meal was combining carbohydrates with proteins. If you experiment and separate proteins from carbohydrates you may find your digestion improves and your energy levels rise. How does this work? The enzymes that break down proteins require a higher pH level to work compared to carbohydrates, where the enzymes work best with a lower pH level. So if we eat the two types of foods together (carbohydrates and proteins) the s

A skill everyone should know...

Angela Bradshaw was a radiographer who suffered from repetitive strain injury (RSI). After attending her first Alexander Technique lesson she walked away pain free and was bewildered and astonished. This eventually led her to train as an Alexander Technique teacher and has presented a Ted Ex talk. Here is a link to this well presented introduction to the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique helps us become more conscious of our response to stress and can lead us to realise we have a choice in how we could respond. The Ted Ex talk is titled 'Facing the Future' which is very appropriate for our current time.

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