The Mind/Body Process of Dieting

In the Alexander Technique one of the main principles is that our sensory system is not reliable, in other words it filters out constants. This can be very useful especially if we are over loaded with other environmental stimulus. So in terms of our posture we are not aware that we are slouching when we are on the computer as this is filtered out of our awareness with our concentration on the screen. Now in terms of food, when we are hungry, sometimes we are over stimulated with the desire to eat something and loose the awareness that sometimes we really need to drink water, rest or exercise to get fresh air. This is particularly the case in social situations organised around food. The key i

Sailing with the Currents of the Wind, Moving with the Currents of Gravity.

Just like sailors understand the currents of the wind to effortless sail the seas, now is time we understood the currents of gravity through our body so we can move with ease and efficiency. We can use our body with far more ease and grace than most people do today, avoiding degenerative disorders and painful joints and backs. Modern technology and our working life style is bring this to a crisis, we have the opportunity to learn this skill using the Alexander Technique, a method to help you change postural habits with the anti gravity process as one of its fundamental principles. Find a teacher near you at this link or see this link for courses in Cumbria a

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