The benefits of exercising when you get that low phase mid morning

If you get hungry around mid morning then you maybe able to get through it by just doing some exercise to raise your blood sugar levels. This not only gives you the excuse to do some moving around, giving you a break from your sedentary life, if you have one, but also helps create a great appetite for lunch. It also rests your pancreas just when it wants to go to bed (its low phase is between 11am and 1pm). Give it a go or come along to one of the biodynamic detox courses.

Intuitive Eating

Creating a lifestyle whereby you regularly eat very simple foods provides you with an opportunity start to peel away the foods that your body and mind no longer need. As you eat less food, that burdens your digestive system, you being to eat more in tune with yourself and connect with your intuitive eating. It is like turning down the noise in order to hear something more subtle. Over time this leaves you with just enough of the right food which is better for you. You will then start to eliminate the toxins that have built up within your body, helping you have a good clear out from the inside, improving your intuitive eating even more. Rather than dictate the foods for you to eat, making sug

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