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Eating Your Way Through The Menopause

In the BB1 Program “The Truth About The Menopause” Marielle Frostrup discusses how you can eat your way through the menopause with fats that help oestrogen production. But you can also reduce the symptoms of the menopause by reducing the carbohydrates in your diet as these can ‘use up’ your precious oestrogen in the job of balancing your blood sugar levels. This is because oestrogen plays a part with insulin to maintain stable blood sugar levels (as explained in Christiane Northrup’s book The Wisdon of Menopause). If we also time our carbohydrate intake to be in the late afternoon or evening this also helps reduce our menopausal symptoms as this produces less of an impact on our blood sugar levels and so thereby using up less oestrogen. Finding substitutes for your carbohydrates with lower GI (glycemic index) foods and learning to drink more water helps with this process. These also have lots of other positive spin offs helping you re-balance your whole body.

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