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Does Sauerkraut Act Like a Natural Form of Vaccination?

I have been eating Sauerkraut for several years. Over this time I found that I had less colds and if I did get one it passed quickly and in some cases I just got a headache for a day with loss of appetite. This summer I decided to do an experiment and avoid eating it for a while and monitor my response. In September when all the children went back to school (I have 2 boys at secondary school) I got a cold. It took 2 weeks before the mucous subsided and I had low energy for the duration. This was unusual for me. I decided to go back to eating sauerkraut. After a week I noticed that I felt less bloated in my abdomen, I felt clean inside after a bowel movement and generally had more energy. Early days to tell the effect on my immune system but I pondered the thought does sauerkraut act like a vaccination whereby the immune system is triggered to produce antibodies and this is how my colds had started to subside as I built up my microbiome in my gut..... interesting thought. watch this space for more results of the experiment. What is also interesting is that I did not notice that I was getting more bloated in my abdomen with reduced energy. I only noticed how good I felt after going back to eating sauerkraut regularly

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