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Your stomach does not work like a washing machine.

Your stomach does not work like a washing machine.

But just like you separate colours from whites (hopefully), it might be a good idea to separate proteins from carbohydrates.

Do you get a bloated feeling after a meal and have low energy after eating? This could be because your meal was combining carbohydrates with proteins.

If you experiment and separate proteins from carbohydrates you may find your digestion improves and your energy levels rise. How does this work?

The enzymes that break down proteins require a higher pH level to work compared to carbohydrates, where the enzymes work best with a lower pH level. So if we eat the two types of foods together (carbohydrates and proteins) the stomach pH is in conflict. This causes our digestion to be sluggish and requires more energy to digest the same amount of food.

Have a go and see for yourself, you may also find you sleep better – giving you more energy the next day - and then you may finally get those jobs done that have been nagging away at you…. and as a side benefit your mental health might improve to!

So in practice how dos this work? Salmon and steamed vegetables (avoiding potatoes), cottage pie with cauliflower instead of potatoes, Pasta cheese bake could be replaced with pasta and engevita with lashings of oil to replace the fat in the cheese. For sandwiches – have the protein with a salad instead of the bread.

Carbohydrates are easiest to absorb at your evening meal and do not raise your blood sugar levels so suddenly when eaten later on in the day. Have a go and see what you think, you may want to start with your evening meal first.

You may like to have a vegan evening meal. if you are food combining try avoiding pulses as these naturally have carbohydrates and proteins together. For a vegan and paleo friendly nut roast recipe see this link

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