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Fitness is not just about Flexibility, Strength and Stamina

Fitness is not just made up of flexibility, strength and stamina, there is a fourth component, stillness. It is great that you maybe able to run a marathon or cycle 20 miles but if you are not able to be still you can be over working your body, not allowing it time to do it’s cellular regeneration and reflective time.

You may say that this happens during our sleep, however, a lot of us do not sleep very well and are not able to calm the mind down in preparation for good quality sleep. Consciously deciding not to do is a valuable skill in today’s life style. So, would you like to have a go with starting it regularly every day? You could piggy-back it onto an existing habit to make it easier and chunk it down to a size that is achievable for you. You may like to start with 2 minutes or maybe 10 minutes.

Doing it regularly, at the same time, builds a habit and then you do not have to think about it or try and ‘fit it in’. Just like brushing your teeth, you do not say "I was busy yesterday and did not have time to brush my teeth". Also, your body will start to anticipate it and build up a store of the relaxing hormones so it makes it easier for you to be still. What will you do to start investing in your health? The benefits could be: more focus, better quality of sleep, improved recovery times and maybe making healthier choices in your life to get you where you would really like to be. If you would like to have some help with this why not join my Stillness class on Fridays at 6pm-6.30pm online, a great way to start the weekend.. Just follow this link to find out more


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