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Intuitive Eating

Creating a lifestyle whereby you regularly eat very simple foods provides you with an opportunity start to peel away the foods that your body and mind no longer need. As you eat less food, that burdens your digestive system, you being to eat more in tune with yourself and connect with your intuitive eating. It is like turning down the noise in order to hear something more subtle.

Over time this leaves you with just enough of the right food which is better for you. You will then start to eliminate the toxins that have built up within your body, helping you have a good clear out from the inside, improving your intuitive eating even more.

Rather than dictate the foods for you to eat, making suggestions of how you can eat more simply and connect with your own intuitive wisdom maybe more helpful. Sometimes our hunger is a message that we just need water rather than food. The trick is to be able to turn down the noise of over eating and avoid the insatiable, tempting foods, in our over stimulated and demanding lifestyle.

This is exactly what Alison’s detox courses can provide you. The courses offer you a regular meeting with support and guidance on how to change eating habits. You also have the option of your own detox kit so you get the experience of the tasty, heart warming food with the convenience of it all prepared for you. For more information please see

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