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I bet you have all had enough of this food! Well your body is telling you something there! But what about if it craves really healthy food and you naturally want to eat greens that alkaline your body and help you get rehydrated after all that alcohol.

What if you swung the other way and really ate food that gave you energy you thought you never had, helping you with conditions you thought could never be resolved? Many people have changed their eating habits (click here for success stories) which lead them to recover from health conditions. I am sure you know this but still struggle with the journey of how to get there. You are not to blame as you are pulled into the wrong direction of all the mass convenient foods on offer. If only there was some light else where that you could follow. Well here it is …..I offer courses that provide you with just this help. I can tailor make the course to suit your needs (1-2-1 session if required) or group sessions. These range from offering you an experience where lunch is laid on or a cookery demonstration to help you see how to do it yourself, or a detox kit for you to take home and try out. Form more information contact me at or see my website

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