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Alkaline forming foods and degenerative bone disorders

Alkaline forming foods help reduce the acid within our bodies and can thereby help alleviate degenerative bone disorders.

The foods that we eat can sometimes take on a different property once they have been absorbed. Lemons are a great example. They are clearly acid but once they are absorbed they are the most alkaline forming food you can eat with a pH value of 14. This is why we use the term ‘alkaline forming foods’. The foods transform into alkaline once they are absorbed. Here is a summary of alkaline/acid forming foods:

Alkaline forming foods: All fruit (except blueberries, canned or glazed fruits, cranberries, currants, plums, prunes, and cooked tomatoes); all vegetables (except olives), almonds, pumpkin seeds and millet.

Acid forming foods: All carbohydrate are acid forming except, millet. All protein is acid forming except almonds and pumpkin seeds. Blueberries, canned or glazed fruits, cranberries, currants, plums, prunes, olives and cooked tomatoes are also acid forming.

Neutral forming foods: Quinoa, butter, yoghurt, cream, raw cow’s milk, eggs, vegetable oils except olive.

So most protein and most carbohydrate is acid forming. In fact you may be realising that most of your diet is carbohydrate or protein which forms an acid pH in your body. So have a go and see how you can gradually build a more alkaline forming diet. Remember one step at a time and see how you feel afterwards. Click here for more information about cookery demonstrations on alkaline forming foods or go to

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