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The Mind/Body Process of Dieting

In the Alexander Technique one of the main principles is that our sensory system is not reliable, in other words it filters out constants. This can be very useful especially if we are over loaded with other environmental stimulus. So in terms of our posture we are not aware that we are slouching when we are on the computer as this is filtered out of our awareness with our concentration on the screen. Now in terms of food, when we are hungry, sometimes we are over stimulated with the desire to eat something and loose the awareness that sometimes we really need to drink water, rest or exercise to get fresh air. This is particularly the case in social situations organised around food. The key is to not get over hungry and aim towards steady changes in reducing your carbohydrates to ensure you have a steady blood sugar level or at least eat carbohydrates after 2.30 to minimise the effect on your blood sugar levels. For more information on changing your diet with the Alexander Technique see this link:

and for courses with group support click here for Penrith or Staveley

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