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Is it Possible to Have Spinal Health In the Digital World?

Well yes and no. You need to work at it a bit more. I think of it like the grass growing. the trick is to keep on top of it. Our environment is

becoming increasingly challenging to maintain spinal health as we find ourselves sitting a lot and looking at a screen or some kind of computer device.

The problem is we are moving less and our body gets set in ways, and then when we finally do move it is in that set way and then this becomes a habit. The nature of habits is that they are our of our awareness.

The unique aspect of the Alexander Technique, is that it gives you a system to help you become aware of things that are currently out of your awareness.Once you have this awareness you can then do something about it. Alexander use to say "How do you change something that does not exist?"

Here is a link to a short video showing you how our habits develop. It is from the AMSAT, the American Society for the Alexander Technique. The UK equivalent is STAT The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique.


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