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Another link between gut and brain with Parkinson's Disease

New evidence suggests Parkinson's Disease might start in the gut, not the brain.

Parkinson's disease was considered a disorder of the nervous system however new evidence in mice suggests that the condition might actually start in the gut. And it could explain some of the strange coincidences seen in the disease, such as why most Parkinson's patients complain of constipation up to a decade before other symptoms arise. More information can be seen here but this is not the only nervous disorders now being discovered to have its roots in a gut imbalance. So a healthy gut can be a good foundation to general health. But how do we start to eat healthy foods when we are tempted with all this Christmas festivities. If you are one of these people that find it very difficult or near impossible to change your eating habits then have a look at the courses that I offer or view the success stories that people have experience on these courses. It may help you change the foundation in your life.

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