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The Benefits of Re-Balancing Your Diet

The Benefits of Re-Balancing your Diet in the New Year

Most people want to do a big detox after the excess of Christmas or ride the wave of a new year’s resolution. In fact at this time of year your body really just needs to reduce the amount of food, rehydrate your body and build up more alkaline forming foods in your diet. This process also reduces the amount of carbohydrates in your diet helping you improve your microbiome. So rather than detoxing you could think of re-balancing your diet. This then lays a good foundation for you to do a much better detox in the spring where your body naturally rides the waves of nature and has a good clear out.

However even doing a re-balance may require too much will power and feel overwhelming. The Alexander Technique can really help you with this process of changing your habits with regard to food. Understanding how our bodies respond to changes and how important timings are when eating, are at the heart of a successful program of changing your diet, not just the food. For Please see the courses page on this website for more details.

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