Running for Winter

Winter running exposes you to cold weather but if you keep your calves warm your flexibility keeps to a maximum and injuries to a minimum. If your calves are cold it causes your ankles to tighten and so your agility reduces increasing your chances of injury. In fact your whole body tightens (including your anti gravity system) if your calves are cold so make sure you wear long trousers or at least leg warmers that you can roll them down when your hot (if you get hot enough!).

Slowing Down for Christmas

We are approaching the time of year when nature is slowing down and retreating and yet we seem to be increasing the pace and are now finding Christmas one of the busiest times of the year! Allow yourself the time and space to really nurture yourself. Make yourself aware that you have choices and you can take responsibility rather than feeling guilty. Moving from the feelings of guilt to responsibility empowers you to be who you really want to be, rather that someone who you think someone else wants you to be. If you would like to put some time aside to practice this then you can come along to one of the "Nurture Your Soul" half day courses designed just for you. (Click here to see the latest

Air Pollution

Air pollution affects everybody but not everyone notices it. Last night on radio 4 Costing the Earth discussed this topic and said ....."If you could see it you would be discussed on the air quality. No one seems to take responsibility in dealing with this. Pollutants are now found in the brain which are causing brain disorders". Can we do anything about this ourselves? The Government seems to adopt the stance that building the economy is more important than saving the environment. Until the government makes our environment a priority the only thing we can do is adopt our own detoxing routine. A regular detox plan can help clear out pollutants in the body. Can we create a habit of detoxing

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