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Detoxing - today's alternative is tomorrow's mainstream

Detoxing can be thought of as like brushing your teeth. It needs to be done regularly as the norm. This is the mindset we need for the future of our health. If you miss brushing your teeth one night you do not just give up and then wonder why you have tooth decay 2 years later. A regular pattern is the best way.

Changing what we eat helps support our body’s natural detox rhythm but we can also do other things where we do not change anything that we eat and still support our body to detox and reduce the toxic effect of eating.

Some of these are listed below.

Drink 1 mug of warm water before your breakfast. This helps clear the colon lining of yesterday’s food so it’s not all mixed up with today’s food. This reduces further toxins entering our body unnecessarily.

Stop eating food after 7pm. If you are hungry try drinking water or do some light exercise or at least just eat fruit as this is most easily digested. This leaves your liver to do its daily detox in the night not having to digest the food you ate late in the evening. If you find that socially you are eating late and then do not rise early and have a late or no breakfast you are out of rhythm of your internal organs. Your weekly detox can help you get back into rhythm, it is then like a self-regulating routine.

Eat your carbohydrates at different meal times from protein (food combining principle). If this is too challenging at least try it for your evening meal. This helps speed up digestion and absorption of food minimising the toxicity effect of food intake. Eventually you may find you can do it at every meal time.

Eat Sauerkraut with your meals. The sauerkraut contains probiotics and helps speed up digestion of food minimising the toxicity effect of food intake. If you are buying this make sure it is unpasteurised and has no sugar or vinegar added. Cider vinegar is OK as this is properly fermented and is alkaline forming.

Try drinking water between meals rather than having a snack. We are often thirsty rather than hungry between meals but we too often eat instead of drink water. If you are still hungry after drinking water then maybe you could do some exercise to raise your oxygen and blood sugar levels. If this is not practical it may pass quite quickly but if not then have something small with a low GI. Do not over stretch yourself as this causes stress on a cellular level and reduces your ability to absorb water and minerals, so if you really need a snack have one. Remember you are building up a new environment for your internal organs so maybe they are not ready for no snacks yet!

Stop drinking by 8pm. This helps the body really rest so it can do its detoxing. If you are thirsty in the night just rinse your mouth out with water. This is so that you do not swallow all the toxins that your body is trying to eliminate during the night. You may then find you drink more water during the day and your night time thirst starts to go away.

Alison runs cookery demonstrations helping you cook free from gluten & dairy with alkaline forming foods. For more details click here

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