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The Worlds Best Kept Secret

I was chatting to someone about the Alexander Technique and she said it was the worlds best kept secret – why on earth is it a secret when people benefit from it so much? Even the British Medical Journal has published a scientific review advocating it is the most effective form of treatment for back pain? I think it is because we have to apply it – just like a lawn mower will not cut the lawn unless you use it, the Alexander Technique will not be effective in treating back pain unless you apply it! But we can teach it to people as part of their education and learning, this could then bring about a change in the awareness of the Alexander Technique. Here is one comment from a therapist ……

"Alison has really helped me to be aware of where the tension in my body stems from and how best to avoid it from building up. We have looked at various postures such as sitting, standing, driving and lying down. As a massage therapist, I found Alison's practical advice to be most useful. We practiced the best posture for being at the massage table; where to position the hips, knees, shoulders, head and arms so as to avoid tension, whilst allowing flowing movements. This was more in depth than the training received at college. She has also given me easy tips on how to gently relax certain muscles which I am already passing on to my own clients. Incorporating the Alexander Technique into a complementary therapist's every day work would, I am sure, extend the working life of a therapist as well as making it a more comfortable one. I would really recommend that therapists receive some training in the Alexander Technique, to help them reduce tension whilst working, to aid relaxation of muscles at the end of each day and prevent musculoskeletal disorders."

Treat the Alexander Technique as an education process for you to acquire a skill to use for life.

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