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Does Breathing Really Stop You Feeling Hungry?

“Breathing in really means taking in nutrients in gaseous form. A good proportion of our body weight is made from inhaled atoms and not from food. Plants also draw the majority of their body weight from the air and not from the soil they grow in” as stated by Giulia Enders in her book 'Gut'. This is why nutrition is more about lifestyle rather than just food. Resting with deep breathing can restore your energy in a surprising way. Re-balancing your diet is not just about food but building up a daily practice of resting and breathing to restore your energy. Hunger feelings may actually mean your body needs some fresh air. Try it and see for yourself – it maybe a lot cheaper too. So next time you are hungry between meals go for a brisk 5 minute walk or swing your arms around your body breathing deeply. If your energy is really low and this feels all too much try this active resting routine

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