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How to make clearer decisions on what we really want to eat

The relationship of our microbiome (gut flora) is far more influential to our health and well being than we ever imagined (as James Gallagher describes in his radio series). But what can we do with our regular routine of eating to help maintain this in a healthy balance? We use many products to clean the outside of our body: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, but what about the inside of our digestive tract? If you cook something you clean up afterwards in the kitchen - what about cleaning up after you have eaten on the inside? It's this sort of approach we need to begin to adopt with our eating as it's not just about loosing weight but gaining better cleaning routines. This will then help towards promoting a healthier microbiome, which in turn gives us better head space to make clearer decisions on what we really want to eat. Knowing what the first step, or the next step, is for you is so individual but if you are interested click here for an extract on my Guide to Re-balancing Your Diet

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