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Hygiene - at the fore front of our minds

Hygiene is at the fore front of our minds, hand hygiene, kitchen hygiene, oral hygiene. What about bowel hygiene? What practices can we do to ensure good bowel hygiene? Here are a few...drinking water, lemon or a cleansing fruit such as pear first thing in the morning help to give a 'wash down' of your digestive track. They are like the 'washing up liquid' for your digestive system. Sauerkraut also helps cleanse the lining of your digestion system so eating this with your food (or even between meals (if you like the taste) helps keep your digestive track healthy. Food combining also helps improve digestion and prevents it from becoming sluggish. An efficient digestive process minimises the chance of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens multiplying. So eating your carbohydrates separate from your proteins makes digestion a lot easier and quicker, helping you improve your bowel hygiene. If you don't already do these try one out and see how you feel.... recipes & information about sauerkraut can be see here

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