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The Truth About Our Immune System

The TV Programme on BBC1 "The Truth About Our Immune System" presented a case study to discover how we can boost our immune system (or re-balance it, if it is over active). This programme demonstrated that changing your diet is the most effective way compared with supplements and exercise. Why is this the case? They discovered that the microbiome is very important for the development of our immune system. You can create diverse bacteria in your gut by eating a range of fruit and vegetables with nuts and seeds. This is the most beneficial diet for an effective immune system. So it is the same story again eat more fruit and vegetables but we still do not seem to do it. How will we get motivated and prioritise it? What are your blocks in doing this? Is it that you need help in cooking tasty food? Do you need some company cooking the food? Or do you need some coaching to keep you on tract. Whatever your blocks are get some help and start your journey in discovering new levels of vitality and live the life you truly want to live. You might then have some energy to go and enjoy exercise in the fresh air. Here is the link to the programme if you wanted to watch it BBC1 6th Jan 2021 9pm but you could just use the time and get on with cooking some great tasting food to re-balance you immune system, or listen to it whist you are cooking!


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