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Raising Your Blood Sugar Levels Between Meals

When we get that low energy feeling and think it maybe due to low blood sugar levels, but you are not about to have a meal, then try this for a more favorable solution to snacking between meals.... After trying a glass of water first (as you maybe just thirsty) or a few deep breaths stretching your arms and having a big yawn (as you maybe just lacking a bit of oxygen) you could go for a brisk walk, or walk up some stairs, or if these are not accessible to you, maybe some arm swings. Why does this reduce hunger? Well exercise can raise your blood sugar level as it converts glycogen into glucose and releases it into your blood stream. This maybe sufficient for you to ride through these low phases that you may have between meals. Remember to eat well at meals times to help sustain you until your next meal. If you think that your body if not adaptable or your mind is not strong enough for this then you may find another routine more suitable. Follow this link to find out more Please note this may not be suitable for diabetic people - if you are in any doubt please check with your doctor on how to plan exercise.

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